• Question: have you studied identical twins

    Asked by 524hetn44 to Lucy on 10 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Lucy Green

      Lucy Green answered on 10 Jun 2018:

      Not myself. But some of my colleagues from around the world have. They’ve compared twins that come form the same egg (these are the identical ones) with twins that come form 2 separate eggs.
      Most of the identical twins will share a placenta, but there are some who have one each.
      Some people are even trying to track these baby’s over their lives to see how their health is in later life.
      The identical twins with a share placenta share so much – a really similar environment of nutrition and stress during those very early stages of development as an unborn baby. The idea is that their risk of later disease will be much more similar to each other than it would be for other brothers and sisters.