• Question: how long have you been a scientist for

    Asked by Erin to Pankaj, Lucy, Emma, Jordan, Kate, Samuel on 13 Jun 2018. This question was also asked by Finlay, Saffron, callum, 692hetn52, 984hetn52, 346hetn52.
    • Photo: Emma Wellham

      Emma Wellham answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      I have been studying science since I was in primary school! Then I did Chemistry and Biology at college, and Human Biology at university, but I have only got paid to be a scientist as a job for 18 months! I had other jobs before that.

    • Photo: Jordan Moir

      Jordan Moir answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      I studied science from a young age at school and then went on to study Applied Biomedical Science at university before getting my job within the NHS blood transfusion service where I have been for over 2 years.

    • Photo: Lucy Green

      Lucy Green answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      After school I did Physiology at University, but think I didn’t dare call myself ‘a scientist’ until I was doing my PhD … really in the lab doing proper novel experiments… so that was 1992…. yikes! you do the maths!

    • Photo: Samuel Vennin

      Samuel Vennin answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      In France, our A-levels are either branded as scientific, literary or economical depending on the which topics we take. I had a teacher who used to say that we were scientists if we were studying for a “scientific” A-level and I like that definition. A scientist studies sciences, no matter at what level that is! So I would say I became a scientist when I was 14 and decided which A-level subjects I would take. I am now 26… If you want to become a scientist, how long ago was it then? 🙂