• Question: What would you like to cure?

    Asked by beartoy123 to Emma, Jordan, Kate, Lucy, Pankaj, Samuel on 18 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Kate Kuyt

      Kate Kuyt answered on 18 Jun 2018:

      I don’t know if I am ever going to ‘cure’ anything, but I would like to work towards helping people with heart valve illness live healthier lives for longer.

    • Photo: Samuel Vennin

      Samuel Vennin answered on 18 Jun 2018:

      Brain diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, etc) because unlike most heart diseases, we currently have no ways of making things better for people affected by them. Heart diseases can be managed with drugs, changes of lifestyle, pacemakers, heart transplant (if worst come to worst, as a last resort), … These will have different effects on the patient but his life will improve to some extent.
      You cannot do that with the brain as we barely know the mechanisms that lead to the diseases affecting it. We can only try to delay the effects of these diseases without “curing” them. But lots of research is happening in those fields and some exciting discoveries are being made 🙂

    • Photo: Jordan Moir

      Jordan Moir answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      In my line of work at present I more work in the clinical setting rather than in research but I would love to one day help to find a cure for cancer as I feel so many people are affected by this and this is something I personally have lost several people to.