• Question: Why did you become a scientist

    Asked by 626hetn44 to Samuel, Emma, Jordan, Kate, Lucy, Pankaj on 12 Jun 2018. This question was also asked by aisrosecoco.
    • Photo: Samuel Vennin

      Samuel Vennin answered on 12 Jun 2018:

      I have always been interested in sciences and thought this was the best way of having a big impact on the world. I also have a Grand-Dad who used to be a scientist and I was fascinated talking about his work and the world in general. Sciences are so broad that they cover every aspects of our lives 🙂

    • Photo: Emma Wellham

      Emma Wellham answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      Because I love understanding how things work! I think how the human body works is even more interesting! It does so many things every day of our lives without us even needing to think about it!

    • Photo: Jordan Moir

      Jordan Moir answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      I was inspired as a kid by science books and how things worked. I also really liked space and at a young age I wanted to be an Astronaut. Once I went to high school I really enjoyed biology and chemistry and was lucky to get to visit a few local labs to my school on school trips which helped to increase my love for science. I then went to uni to study science more and I am still learning in my current job as I find it is super interesting science.