• Question: What is your favorite animal? Mines a wolf

    Asked by wolf to Kate, Jordan, Pankaj on 10 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Jordan Moir

      Jordan Moir answered on 10 Jun 2018:

      Good choice, my favourite animal is Meerkats as I find them super cute and so funny to watch as they are really enquisitive creatures and how they stand up right like humans. I also really like owls as I wish I had wings to fly like them!

    • Photo: Pankaj Garg

      Pankaj Garg answered on 10 Jun 2018:

      My favourite animal is ant. They are sooooo tiny – but so CLEVER!!!! Can you imagine the size of their brain??? 🙂

    • Photo: Kate Kuyt

      Kate Kuyt answered on 11 Jun 2018:

      I really like pigs, i think they are very interesting and something about them makes me feel like pigs are good at listening to you if you want to talk!